The Fishermans Knot

The fisherman's knot is also known as the true lover's knot, perhaps because of the intimately symmetrical way the two ropes join together. Although diagrams of this knot can look quite confusing, it is really a very simple one because it consists merely of two overhand knots that are pulled together, and "stop" each other.

The steps below show a method of tying it while standing (useful when camping where there aren't any chairs!), however you may find it much easier to tie sitting with the ropes in your lap.

<fishermans knot image>


Knot Video: How to Tie the Fishermans Knot
Knot Tying Instructions

Step 1 - Hold the two ropes with the ends facing each other.

Step 2 - Tie an overhand knot about 18" down from the end of one of the ropes.

Step 3 - Do the same on the other side, switching ropes.

Step 4 - Pull the two knots tightly together, so that they "stop" each other!


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