The Figure 8

An extremely photogenic knot, the figure eight easy to learn and quick to tie. Like the overhand knot, it can be used to tie off ends of rope or to perform "stopper" functions in other knots.

<figure 8 knot image>


Knot Video: How to Tie the Figure 8 Knot
Knot Tying Instructions

Step 1 - Stretch a length of the rope out in front of you parallel to the ground and twist to form a loop, as though you are going to make an overhand knot.

Step 2 - Bring the right-hand end of the rope around to the left of the loop (instead of through it like you would in an overhand knot).

Step 3 - Bring the end around an poke it throgh the loop, and pull to tighten! If you haven't twisted the rope up too much, it should resemble the number eight.


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